The Catholic  Church of Our Lady of Walsingham

with St Cuthbert Mayne,

Old Mill Road,





Part of The Personal Ordinariate of  OurLady of Walsingham under the patronage of Blessed John Henry Newman.


 Parish Priest   Fr David Lashbrooke   01803 391703



OLW Westminster Cathedral Saint Cuthbert Mayne

ASCENSION 2017 -The First Personal Parish


There have been many new chapters in the life of the still very new Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham from its erection, first ordinations and the now  imminent diaconal ordinations at Spanish Place when the faithful will travel from all parts of the country  to share a great blessing those  candidates responding to God’s call to serve. All these chapters are  metaphorically written through  members of The Ordinariate  responding  in faithfulness to the visionary, ecumenical and missionary document ‘Anglicanorum Coetibus’.  Within that precious document it was envisaged that communities who had responded to invitation to come into full communion with The Catholic Church would in time become personal parishes and on Ascension Day 2017 Mgr Keith Newton PA  erected the first of these parishes and inducted Fr David Lashbrooke to be the first parish priest.

The Personal Parish of Our lady of Walsingham with St Cuthbert Mayne (Torbay) is now in existence and I, as the new parish priest,  have been asked the challenging question  what difference does it make to those who make up the community in Torbay or even to the whole life of The Ordinariate as a whole.

As part of The Induction Rite the parish priest designate is presented by one of his fellow priests, in this case Fr Mike Cain,  to The Ordinary. At the celebrations afterwards Fr Cain said it was like giving the bride away and he is a seasoned hand at that. It is now the morning after a day of great celebrations and joy that the day gave to all those present who had worked so hard for the day  and it is that comment of Fr Mike  that has helped me make a start of an answer to this pertinent  question.

How many times, as priests, when we have prepared people for marriage impressed on the prospective couple  that marriage is not piece of paper but a material change which has such  hallmarks of love, stability  and faithfulness; a vocation where, under the blessing of God, they continue to explore what they have called to be and as one, by God’s grace, bear fruit.

Like people who marry those of this new personal parish have  hopes and our fears  but  are keenly aware that  becoming a parish is so much more than a title, a piece of paper or a goal in itself. Like a marriage we  must, as this new community at Torbay, grow in love, stability and faithfulness and the erection of the parish has recognised that desire and that vocation.

As a parish we need to learn how to open our Church Doors wider. As a parish we need to learn how to offer hospitality to a greater number of people. As a parish we need to teach so that people may access that dormant or forgotten relationship with Christ. As a parish we need to faithfully offer worship with The Mass and Blessed Sacrament at the centre of that praise. To fulfil our needs we need to trust and ask for The Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us as we daily ask for all The Church.

We have some minor issues like building presbytery and renovating the Church building and developing our shop which has just moved into larger premises.

I would like to thank The Ordinary and Governing Council for there faith is making this parish and I pray there will be more in the near future.

Please pray for this new parish, for its priest and for its people and if you are in Torbay do come and see us.


Fr David Lashbrooke

Parish Priest

Our Lady of Walsingham.

Pray for us

Saint Cuthbert Mayne

Pray for us  

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