The Catholic  Church of Our Lady of Walsingham

with St Cuthbert Mayne,

Old Mill Road,





Part of The Personal Ordinariate of  OurLady of Walsingham under the patronage of Blessed John Henry Newman.


 Parish Priest   Fr David Lashbrooke   01803 391703



OLW Westminster Cathedral Saint Cuthbert Mayne



Advent becomes for all Christians a time of expectation and hope, a privileged time for listening and reflection, as long as we let ourselves be guided by the liturgy, which invites us to advance to meet the Lord who comes. Pope Benedict XVI


Like many Christian communities our parish, our mission, rejoices in the new liturgical year which begins with the hope and expectation of the first season of the year, Advent. As Pope Benedict writes it is 'a privileged time for listening and reflection’ not just to prepare for the Christmas festivities as beautiful as they may and should be but for something much more striking and exciting as we accept the invitation to prepare ‘to meet the Lord who comes’. Pope Benedict reminds us all of God who is not demanding but  ‘inviting’ and, like the first disciples, our acceptance of that invitation leads to action  ‘to follow him’.

At Christ’s invitation the Galilean fishermen could have retreated to their boats rather than follow and advance to Jerusalem to witness to the overcoming of death itself. We too have absolute freedom to decline his invitation and retreat into the secular world but if we do we will not come to rejoice in the great mystery of our faith that those first disciples witnessed to when they proclaimed ‘He is risen’. Our advance, our pilgrimage,  is not on the shores of Galilee but by being ‘guided by the Liturgy’  which itself is the life blood that enlivens every aspect of our discipleship and our discipleship leads us to him when he shall come in glory and ‘our eyes at last shall see Him,through His own redeeming love.’

With every blessing


Fr David Lashbrooke

Parish Priest

Our Lady of Walsingham.

Pray for us

Saint Cuthbert Mayne

Pray for us  

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